Sunday, October 14, 2012

Empty Frame Podcast Episode 18 - Podcast Party w/ Returning Guests

Empty Frame Podcast Episode 18 with Darrin Yalacki, Jessica Young, Lauren Miller, Ronnie Karam, Zabeth Russell, Michael Bellavia
Amanda Tate is off for the day - Darrin Yalacki is joined by returning guests: Ronnie Karam (Episode 2), Jessica Young (Episode 3), Lauren Miller (Episode 9), Michael Bellavia (Episode 12) and Zabeth Russell (Episode 13) . They catch up on what's been happening since their last visit, talk about hot-tubs, us citizenship, politics and much more more 

Connect with Ronnie Karam:
Twitter - @Flipit
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Twitter - @Mrbellavia
Connect with Zabeth Russell:
Twitter - @Zabsters
Connect with Lauren Miller:
Twitter - @Laurenmiller229
Connect with Jessica Young:
Facebook - jessbyoung

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