Wednesday, December 26, 2012

6 Months of The Empty Frame Podcast

It's been an amazing year! After wrapping up the release of my web series "Consequences" I wanted to do something a bit different and after joking around about doing a podcast with Amanda Tate, we actually brought it to life and it's been a thrilling and fun ride. People have said "It's like eavesdropping on good friends" & "The laughter is contagious."

As we are now moving into the second half of the first year, I wanted to take a few moments and thank all of our guests who stopped by and made us laugh! Click on any of the links below to listen to the full episodes!

We do this for you, the listener! So we would love to hear from you:

  • What is your favorite moment? 
  • What do you like that we do? 
  • What would you like to hear us do? 
  • We also welcome your critique!!! 

You can tell as at our facebook page here, comment below, subscribe and rate us on iTunes or Stitcher, email us here, or tweet me @dyalacki (so many ways to reach us!)

Also, keep an eye out on future episodes as we have a ton of great guests lined up. If you want to be a guest as well, feel free to contact as and tell us why and we will add you to the roster!!!
Thanks for your support so far!

Episode 1 - Just Darrin & Amanda
Our first Episode and a little glimpse into me and Amanda.

Episode 2 - Ronnie Karam & Jenna Karam
 "All penises are the same, but there are so many different kind of sandwiches."

Episode 3 - Scarlett Jung & Jessica Young
"Only 80 year old women eat celery root salad."

Episode 4 - Tom Christensen
"She's chomping a cigar while holding it with a manicured hand"

Episode 5 - Meredith Lockwood & Nick Zayas
"A little bit Italian, A little bit Greek and a little bit of the East Coast"

Episode 6 - Jude Shelton & Canon Wing
"She looked like a really cute guy."

Episode 7 - Darrin & Amanda alone again
"Don't Let Your Deal Define You!"

Episode 8 - Hanna LoPatin & Anne Gregory
"They're not checking their facebook profile from Heaven"

Episode 9 - Lauren Miller & Neil Garguilo
"What are the ramifications if I pee myself right now?"

Episode 10 - Anne Brashier & Bethany Hilliard
"What a feeling, you got a Dance Fax!"

Episode 11 - Michael Bellavia & Matt Marr
"Getting across the San Francisco River"

Episode 12 - Michael May & Amy Schloerb
"Schloerbits, Mikey Likey, Demanda & Darrinteed"

Episode 13 - Zabeth Russell & Jaime Moyer
"There is no town square in Los Angeles!"

Episode 14 - Dave Razowsky
"When they aren't laughing at me - they are in awe of me!"

Episode 15 - Rebecca Leib & Jill Czarnowski
"My dad told me I was an ugly baby"

Episode 16 - Gian Molina & Theresa Gumprecht
"Why did the chicken cross the road? Because they were thrill seekers"

Episode 17 - Parvesh Cheena & Gregory Bonsignore
"Gerard Depardieu, George Peppard & Rita Rudner"

Episode 18 - Michael Bellavia, Ronnie Karam, Jessica Young, Zabeth Russell & Lauren Miller
"I didn't go to San Francisco to read"

Episode 19 - Brian O'Connell & Alexis Simpson
"How drunk were you? So drunk...I probably did liver damage!"

Episode 20 - Erin Brown & Jason Dudey
"The Brown Dudey Show - It's a movement!"

Episode 21 - Michael Garcia & Dawn Hunicutt
"He's mexican or hispanic...he's one hot chulo"

Episode 22 - Josh Dubose & Tiffani Ann Mills
"Wombat Circus!"

Episode 23 - Annie Burgstede & Whitney Rice
"It's like a TED talk - only better"

Episode 24 - Misa Doi & LaKendra Tookes
"It's better to lie than to say nothing at all"

Episode 25 - Joy Allen
"Poet, Weaver or Lawyer"

Episode 26 - Nick Armstrong & Jon Crowley
"Split Pea-Tween a rock and a hard place"

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